Opening hours: Open from 8am to 13:30pm 3pm to 18:30pm excluding Wednesday and Saturday where opening hours are from 8am to 13:30pm. On Sundays are closed.

Night Pharmacies: Open from 8am to 10pm however you may contact the on-call pharmacies at anytime when you need medications. Find below the daily open night-pharmacies in Cyprus.

NICOSIA 20/08/2017
Name: Katerina Liassi
Address: 79C-D, Arch. Makariou III Avenue
K. Lakatamia
Pharmacy Phone: 22384464
Home Phone: 22324314
Name: Antonios Patatas (White Cross)
Address: 33C, Arch. Makariou III Avenue
Next to MANGO shop
Pharmacy Phone: 22754644
Home Phone: 22311598
Name: Maria Grigoriou-Parani
Address: 65C-D, Prodromou Str.
opposite stratopedo
Pharmacy Phone: 22664750
Home Phone: 22354282
Name: Hadjigeorgiou Erricos [ map ]
Address: Kyrinias Avenue 132C
near Ayios Andreas Church
Pharmacy Phone: 22338002
Home Phone: 22330761
Name: Georgiou Eleni [ map ]
Address: 58, Ayiou Pavlou Str.
Ayios Pavlos
(Ayiou Andrea School Road)
Pharmacy Phone: 22781766
Home Phone: 22773868
FAMAGUSTA 20/08/2017
Name: Kamilaris Andreas [ map ]
Address: Korai 52
Opposite Paralimni Lyceum
Pharmacy Phone: 23744160
Home Phone: 23743418
LARNACA 20/08/2017
Name: Georgiou Lefteris [ map ]
Address: Leoforos Ag. Anargirwn 50
Near Technical School
Pharmacy Phone: 24631390
Home Phone: 99533388
Name: Sergiou Andreas [ map ]
Address: Makariou 17
opposite Sinergatikis Trapezas
Pharmacy Phone: 24623110
Home Phone: 24530445
LIMASSOL 20/08/2017
Name: Grigoriou Sofia -Laiko No 4 [ map ]
Address: Charalampou Fteroudi 2
(anoikodomisis Agiou Athanasiou)
Agios Athanasios
Pharmacy Phone: 25725558
Home Phone: 25312319
Name: Mathaiou Nikos [ map ]
Address: Agias Znis 62 D
(Mesa YItonia Road near Wilton)
Pharmacy Phone: 25375522
Home Phone: 25721678
Name: Menelaou Pavlina
Address: Lekorpouzie 32, Naafi
3075, Lemesos
Voreia Fwta Debenhams Apollo,
Pharmacy Phone: 25251122
Home Phone: 25102995
Name: Markou Aggela
Address: Miltonos 27, Kat. 3
Pharmacy Phone: 25108898
Home Phone: 99893387
PAPHOS 20/08/2017
Name: Stavroula Varnavidou [ map ]
Address: 62B, Nikolaou Nikolaide Ave
100m from Kykkos Lyceum to the Court
Pharmacy Phone: 26943424
Home Phone: 26949727