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What kind of healthcare are you looking for? KYD is more than a list of doctors. From orthopedic or cardiac specialist to dentist to nursing care, our comprehensive database of healthcare services empowers patients in Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca and Ammochostos to make informed decisions. That means you schedule your appointment with trust in your physician and confidence in your decision.



If you are a physician in Cyprus, the KYD search tool is your connection with patients needing your medical care services. With thousands of patients increasingly seeking their medical care information online, Know Your Doctor ensures that new patients coming to your clinic are making informed choices. Contact us now for more details!


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No need to take a chance on the first medical clinic center you see on the street. KYD can help you find the medical, dental, or healthcare professional right for you, in a nearby location. Whether you’re a Cypriot citizen seeking a long-term family doctor or a visitor to Cyprus with an unexpected medical concern, we take the guesswork out of finding the treatment you need. 


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Have you had medical or dental care in Cyprus? How did it go? By providing feedback about your treatment, you help other patients make informed decisions when looking for a doctor or dentist. More than that, you help healthcare professionals know what they’re doing right, suggest how they can do better, or just say thanks.

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A well-informed patient is an empowered patient. Use our A-Z symptom listing to find information on specific symptoms and diseases. We provide in-depth articles to help you get educated about your condition.

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You’ve seen your doctor and you need your prescription right away. When time is of the essence, these night pharmacies are available to get a prompt start on your treatment.

Schedule for On Call / Night Pharmacies on 10 August, 2022
  • Kinni Antri

    25324030 25329797

    Agias Paraskevis 1,

  • Maria Lory Lysiotou

    25364775 99615355

    36 Thessalonikis

  • Pantelas Christos

    25736646 25734005

    Nikou Pattichi 97, opposite Paneri Froutmarket,

  • Petrides Aristos

    25564219 25770448

    Pafou 5A

  • Eleftheriou Vasiliki

    24103501 24103909

    Pavlou Valdaseridi 30

  • Moiseos Vaso

    24655312 24626553

    Stratigou Timagia 9

  • Birba Alexandra

    26948222 99755800

    80 Eletherios Venizelos,

  • Penelopi Charalampous

    26943222 26272151

    Akamantidos 4

  • Giallouros Panikos

    23825979 23744771

    184 1st Apriliou Street,


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