Know Your Doctor connects advertisers, with the right customers!

KYD is a unique destination for all patient around Cyprus who are looking for a doctor that allows them to find important information about a doctor, help them to get to know their existing doctor, review and rate a doctor and make sure that they receive the right medical care.

Reach the right audience, at the right time!

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The Patient Way...

Know Your Doctor provides advertisers the 'opportunity' to place their company’s relevant products and service advert and guarantees that will attract the interest of thousands of relevant customers. You will have the ability to execute one-to-one marketing to highly specific and engaged audiences all around Cyprus.



Your message reaches an audience seeking medical care.

  • Branded messages reach an audience at the time when seeking doctors for treatment.
  • KnowYourDoctor offers the perfect link between a patient and a doctor, giving a potential opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audience.
  • A unique website in Cyprus that people can findand choose theirpreferred doctor or other health professional that meets their conditions.
  • KnowYourDoctor aims to improve healthcare in Cyprus by helping patients get great care and helping doctors give great care.


Ad-ProductsExceed your brand goals with customize advertising packages!



Target patients with premier ad placements on page such:

  • Doctors Profile
  • Doctors Directory
  • Doctors Category
  • Latest reviews
  • Most Recent Listings
  • Doctor Membership Plans



Engage within content that educates and informs consumers on pages such:

  • Newsletters
  • Doctors Blog
  • Condition & Diseases A-Z
  • Patient Guide



Activate your target audience through native ads on pages such:

  • Search pages
  • Medical information Contacts
  • Contact details information
  • Contextual Callouts


You may advertise with different ways such as using banners, rich media, links, buttons, blogs, newsletters and many other social media methods. Please ASK US and one of our KYD sales representatives will contact you back.


Reach the right audience, at the right time!

DIPLAY MEDIA KIT - Download here

 PRICE LISTS 2019 - Download here