COCARE: an innovative, comprehensive system for geriatric rehabilitation used at home



Materia Group participates as an end-user partner in the COCARE AAL project P2P/AAL/0220/0014, co-funded by the AAL Programme and the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation.

COCARE is a collaborative project with 4 partners from Italy, Cyprus and Switzerland. The objective is to set new standards in the AgeTech sector. Within the framework of this research project, we will create is a comprehensive system for geriatric rehabilitation, that can be used in the whole continuum-of-care. COCARE is an innovative, comprehensive system for geriatric rehabilitation. It uses sensitive input devices and a web-based interface to provide evidence-based motor-cognitive training with high usability and quick/barrier-free application in the clinic and at home. An assessment system is included in the setup for the analysis of the functional status. A digital web-based rehabilitation cockpit helps as a centralized management in the whole process.

Visit our website at: https://cocare.rehab/

If you are a person aged 60+ or a healthcare professional, contact us to voluntarily participate to the upcoming trials.