Dr Tymvios Medical and Sports Laboratory

Dr Tymvios Medical and Sports Laboratory

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Dr Tymvios Medical Laboratories BHS DIAGNOSTICS

Dr Tymvios 

Biomedical HealthSport Diagnostics




BHS Diagnostics is a unique, modernized clinical laboratory which has only one goal: provide outstanding services to its clients in the fields of Medical Diagnostics, Sports Sciences, Anti-Ageing and General Well Being. The laboratory is one of its kind with state-of-the art equipment. It is managed by two specialist in their fields: Dr. Mike Tymvios (PhD, Kings College London) responsible for the Clinical Laboratory and Dr. Charis Tymvios (PhD, Imperial College London) specialist in Anti-Ageing and Sport Science.


  • The laboratory specializes in the following fields:
  • Medical Diagnostics (General Health Check-Up)
  • Sport Biochemistry (Identify Nutritional needs and predisposition to overtraining and muscular injuries)
  • Sport Science (Physiological Tests in the laboratory and outfield to test parameters such as Max Power, Aerobic Capacity etc)
  • Anti-ageing (Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants measurements for correct anti-oxidant supplementation and to stop age related diseases)
  • DNA Dieting (a unique approach to lose weight by identifying genetic predisposition and exact daily energy needs)
  • Consultation

The laboratory is providing excellent services to Cyprus top athletes in the field of Sport Biochemistry. Markos Bagdhatis (Tennis), George Achilleos (Shooting), Apostolos Parellis (Athletics), Petros Sofianos (Athletics), Andreas Krassas (Judo) and Paulos Kontides (Sailing) are some of the elite athletes that our laboratory is providing scientific support for better performance. Further to this, this year BHS Diagnostics has provided services to many football teams including PAEEK, Anorthosis, Olympiakos, Digenis and APOEL and Etha Basketball teams and the Qatar Olympic Teams.

Dr Charis Tymvios | Sport Physiologist and Biochemist

Dr Charis Tymvios is primarily responsible for the medical athletics department of the laboratory. He studied Biomedical Sciences in Kings College London (BSc) and specialized in Doping Control and Sports Biochemistry during his masters (MSc Forensic Science, MSc Sport Physiology, Kings College London). His PhD was in the fields of Oxidative Stress and Pharmacology (Imperial College London). Dr. Tymvios is sports advisor for many elite athletes including George Achilleos and Markos Pagdatis, National Basketball team and is collaborating with Qatars Olympic Team. Further to this, he is visiting lecturer in University of Nicosia (Pharmacology) and University of Cyprus (Toxicology).

Dr. Mike Tymvios is primarily responsible for the clinical laboratory. He has been managing the clinical laboratory for the last 32 years. As you understand his experience in the field of Medical Diagnostics is unique. He studied for a bachelors degree in Physiology and Chemistry (BSc, Kings College London) and for a PhD in Physiology (Kings College London). He has been a member of Cyprus Sports Association for many years, founder of the Center of Sports Research of Cyprus (KAEK) and participated twice in Olympic Games as an athlete in shooting.


BHS Diagnostics SERVICES

Medical Laboratory: The Medical Laboratory is covering every aspect in the field of clinical tests. Hematology, endocrinology, biochemistry, cancer markers are part of the tests that are covered.The “Tymvios Lab Check Up” is designed to cover up to 150 deferent diseases according to our 32 years experience in the field. Our theory is that we would rather prevent the development of a disease rather than curing it after it has been developed.


Sport Science: The Sport Science Laboratory covers both physiological and biochemical aspects of sports. The athletes are checked for biochemical abnormalities in terms of vitamins, oxidative stress, hormones, overtraining syndrome and muscular injuries. Furthermore, the Lab is using state of the art equipment to measure VO2max (ergospirometer Schiller), muscle abnormalities (Cybex), jump tests (Optojump), lactic acid etc.



Anti – ageing: BHS Diagnostics is the only laboratory in Cyprus that covers the field of anti-ageing or healthy ageing if you prefer. Oxidative stress is one of the major reasons that we age. We are the only laboratory in Cyprus that can test for many anti-oxidant enzymes, damage due to oxidative stress and the predisposition to develop diseases related to the old age like: Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, cataract, muscle waste, etc.


DNA tests: BHS Diagnostics is collaborating with the only reliable and accredited company in Greece (Biogenomica) in order to analyze DNA samples for medical and life styling reasons. We have designed and patterned test for: General Medical Health, Athletic Performance, Dieting and Anti-ageing. A specialized genetic councelor will analyze and explain in every detail the results. Follow up and consultation is one of our major services. 



Personal Information


Personal Information

Greek, English
+357 22 766563

Location Information

Postal Address:
12 Kritis Street, Megaro Troullidi, 1st Floor
Postal Code:
City Name:


Kings College London
Other Universities:
Imperial College London
Cyprus Sports Association

Awards - Qualifications


  • Biomedical Sciences in Kings College London (BSc)
  • MSc Forensic Science, MSc Sport Physiology, Kings College London
  • PhD was in the fields of Oxidative Stress and Pharmacology, Imperial College London

  • Anti-doping laboratory assistant for winter olympic games in 2006 - King's College London Drug Control Center


Practice Experience:
UCLan Cyprus
Sep 2018 – Present
Advanced Physiology

Sports Performance Consultant
Asteras Tripoli F.C.
May 2017 – Present
Asteras Tripolis FC

Head Exercise Physiologist and Biochemist
Omonoia AC
Jun 2010 – Present

Dr Tymvios Medical and Sports Lab - BHS Diagnostics
Jan 2010 – Present

Our main goal is to provide scientific support in professional, semi-professional and recreational athletes. The support is achieved mainly by biochemical and physiological tests which gives us a lot of information in order to avoid muscle injuries and overtraining syndrome. Our theory is that if we manage to keep our athletes healthy, they can work even harder and this will improve there performance.

Other Info

Special Services & Expertise:

Dr. Tymvios specialized in Doping Control and Sports Biochemistry, Sports Science and Anti Ageing.
Publications & Presentations:

Biomedical Health and Sport Diagnostics (BHSDiagnostics) vision is to provide its clients with newly developed diagnostic tools in the field of biomedical diagnostics and enhancement of sport performance.

Equipped with state-to-the–art apparatus in both fields, establishing collaborations with leading institutions in the world and managed by qualified and experienced directors and consultants, BHSDiagnostics can provide outstanding services for healthier life style, healthy ageing, advanced diagnostics and enhanced results related to sports performance.

In BHSDiagnostics, we believe that personal communication and interaction is crucial for establishing accurate analysis.

Some, but not all, of our work can be seen below. Please Click on the desired link to read the pdf file:
Biochemists Indicators Preventing Injuries
Low Temperatures for Maximisation Performance
Maximum Power for Professional Training

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