Dr. Evagoras Chrysanthou | Δρ. Ευαγόρας Χρυσάνθου | Orthodontist | Orthodontic Center Limassol

Dr. Evagoras Chrysanthou | Δρ. Ευαγόρας Χρυσάνθου | Orthodontist | Orthodontic Center Limassol

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Dr. Evagoras Chrysanthou | Orthodontic Center | Limassol

Dr. Evagoras Chrysanthou

D.D.S | D.M.S | D.S orth

Orthodontic Center 


Dr. Evagoras Chrysanthou Orthodontic Center is a modern clinic with pleasant and hospitable spaces, equipped with high technology equipment and excellent quality materials for the proper hygiene and safety of the patients. 


The clinic provides high-quality orthodontic services from a highly trained staff. The long experience enables to effectively apply the most modern methods of orthodontics according to the needs of the patients. 

The rooms of the clinic are pleasant, modern, hospitable and fully equipped with high technology equipment and excellent quality materials. The clinic has three dental (orthodontic) chairs to better serve its patients.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the arrangement of orthodontic anomalies so as to guide both the upper and lower jaws into a harmonious relationship between them. It is one of the best & recognized specialties of dentistry, compared to all the similarities of medicine. Orthodontic treatment is considered essential in cases with dental, skeletal and functional abnormalities in the mouth.

The success of orthodontic treatment requires a special orthodontist and a consistent patient. The patient must be consistent during orthodontic treatment and faithfully follow the instructions of the orthodontist, keep his appointments and always have a perfect oral hygiene.

High standard of orthodontic services for children and adults are provided in Dr. Evagoras Chrysanthou Orthodontic Center, proving a choice of:
1. Mobile devices: Blankets, invisible Invisalign splints (which are placed and removed by the patient himself)
2. Stable mechanisms: Metal braces of all types and for the most demanding people who do not want to look, we place the invisible Chrystal clear and the linguistics that are placed on the inner (lingual) side of the teeth.

Advantages After Treatment

A. Proper mouth function (chew, speech)
B. Facilitating oral hygiene resulting in fewer future problems in teeth, gums and longer length of time in the mouth.
C. Facilitation of the general dentist and better prognosis in performing dental work.
D. Limitation of probability of occurrence of problems in the temporomandibular joint, i.e. the jaw joint area with the scalp.
E. Limit the probability of tooth fractures especially when they project out of the lips.
St. Beautiful smile and more pleasant person with the consequence of strengthening the person's self-confidence.

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Griva Digeni 87-89, Nicolaou & Zavos Center, 28, Eptanisou Str., 1st Floor, Office 102
(έναντι κρησφύγετο Γρίβα Διγενή, στο κτήριο πάνω από τον φούρνο SunFresh)
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Overall rating

I have been very pleased with the kindness, quality and professionalism that I received from Dr Evagoras Chrysanthou Orthodntics. The Doctor, an excellent scientist and person and his Team have always treated me with respect and priority. I’m grateful for their attention to detail. Thank You !

Best Experience Ever!

The Doctor and his Staff have always been professional, friendly and always on time! Super technology and v good prices!! Extremely pleased !

Thank You !!!

Dr Chrysanthou and his staff are the best! I couldn’t of asked for a better Ortho !!!


Excellent care! If you need an orthodontist I highly recommend Dr Evagoras Chrysanthou for your family orthodontic needs !

Top Doctor!!

The Doctor is terrific, extremely knowledgeable and answers all questions!! The staff is always happy to assist!! Great Place ?

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