Dr Theodoros Kyriakides

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Dr Theodoros Kyriakides

MB.ChB , BSc (Hons) , FRCP (Lon)



Specialisation: Neuromuscular, Multiple Sclerosis, General neurology


Research Activities

  • The study of the effect of complement C1Q on disease   phenotypeTTRMet30 peripheral neuropathy using a variety of transgenic mouse models.
  • The study of modifier genes in disease severity in Multiple sclerosis.
  • The study of Epigenetics in MS
  • The study of the epigenome in relation to MS disability progression
  • The study of reactive oxidative species in the pathophysiology of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Research Grants

1. Telethon Grant, A therapeutic trial of a Complement 5a receptor (C5aR) antagonist in a transgenic mouse model of Familial amyloidotic neuropathy Type I (TTRMet30Val) Support period: October 2014- Sept 2017, 60,000 Euros


2. Cyprus Research Foundation Grant, Principal Investigator ‘A study of modifier genes on disease severity in Multiple sclerosis’ Support period: May 2011- April 2014, 179,915 Euro


3.Cyprus Research Foundation Grant, Principal Investigator «A study of the role of complement C1Q in an animal model of Familial Amyloidotic neuropathy Type I». Support period: 1 April 2009-30 Sept 2011, 160,000 Euros


4. Cyprus Research Foundation Grant: «A study of modifier genes in Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathies», Support period: 1 September 2005- 1 January 2008, £ 56,200


5. Telethon Grant «Therapeutic trial of Melatonin and Trimetazidine in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Familial ALS», 14 January 2004 – 15 January 2006, £ 36,200


6. Cyprus Research Foudation Grant: «Cyprus Study of Familial Amyloidotic neuropathy Type I», 16   December 2002 – 15 June 2005,  £ 49,700


7. MDA Grant (USA), «Neuromuscular diseases in Eastern Mediterranean countries»,  1 July  2002 – 30 June  2005,  $192,180.


8. MDA Grant (USA)  “Neuromuscular diseases in Eastern  Mediterranean countries” Co-investigator , 1November 1994 – 31 October  1996,  US $ 204,400


9.  MDA Grant (USA) “Clinical and genetic studies of Charcot-Marie-Tooth type II and recessive forms”,  Co-investigator , 1 March 1996  – 30 June  1999, US $ 201,150


10.  MDA (AFM, France) “Molecular genetics of Charcot- Marie-Tooth type II”, Co- investigator  1996, FF 180,000


11. MDA Grant (USA) “Neuromuscular diseases in Eastern Mediterranean countries”, Co-investigator, 1 February 1997 – 30 June 1999,  US $ 158,000


12. MDA Grant (USA) “Neuromuscular diseases in eastern Mediterranean countries”, Co-investigator, 1 July 1999 – 30 June 2002, US $ 135,000


13. MDA Grant (USA)“Genetic studies in autosomal recessive hereditary motor neuronopathy and autosomal recessive inclusion body myopathy”, Co-investigator, 1July 1999 – 30 June  2002, US $ 180,000


Total number of publications: 78 articles, 5 chapters
Number of publications as first or last author : 36 articles, 5 chapters



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The Magnitude of the Problem: Stroke from Carotid Bifurcation Disease without Premonitory Transient Ischaemic Attacks. Cerebral Revascularization In Berstein EF, Callow AD, Nicolaides A N, Shifrin E G (eds) pp 15-22 Med-Orion  Publishing Company, London, Los Angeles, Nicosia 1993;




  • Consultant Neurologist  

    Professor of Neurology at University of Nicosia (http://www.unic.ac.cy/)




    1.1.1987 - Neurology Registrar at Frenchy Hospital Bristol, UK 1.1.1988 - Neurolgy Registrar at Southmead Hospital Bristol, UK 1.1.1989 - Neurology Registrar at Newcastle General Hospital, UK 1.1.1990 - Neurology Registrar at Middleborough General Hospital, UK 1.1.1991 - Neuropathology Registrar Royal Perth Hospital Western Australia 15.3.1992 - Senior Neurologist & Director of Neuropathology Lab, at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (www.cing.ac.cy) 14.2.2012 - Professor at the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (www.cing.ac.cy/csmm)



    1992- 2019. Senior Neurologist & Director of Neuropathology Lab in charge of neuromuscular clinic and Director of Neuropathology Lab at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics since 1992. He runs clinics for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, ALS and an Amyloid Neuropathy with the support of a multidisciplinary team. He also has general neurology clinic and sees a large number of Multiple sclerosis patients. He has access to a 20 bedded ward, and he directs a neuropathology lab which offers handles muscle and nerve biopsies. The neuropathology lab is the only of it kind in Cyprus and is a tertiary referral lab. The lab performs light and electron microscopy and a variety of immunohistochemistry. 2004-2013- Clinical coordinator of the Clinical Neuroscience section at the CING for ten years and his main task has been to oversee the optimal use of core facilities such the inpatient ward, the pharmacy and other administrative staff.

  • Other Professional Activities  

    Other Professional Activities

    Member of the Court of Examiners The Royal College of Surgeons of England Good Clinical Practice Certificate 11/6/2015 Chairperson of the EFNS task force on setting guidelines on how to investigate pauci/asymptomatic hyperCKemia Chairperson of the EFNS task force on setting guidelines on the role of muscle biopsy in the investigation of myalgia Chairperson of the Ministry of Health Committee on Multiple Sclerosis Chairperson of the Cyprus National Polio Certification Committee. Member of the Ministry of Health overseas patient sponsor committee Ad hoc reviewer for Muscle & Nerve 2009. Regular External Grant Reviewer for FTC Portugal.


  • 1983 MB, ChB.   

    University of Bristol, U.K

  • 1980 B.Sc. (Honours) Physiology,   

    University of Bristol, U.K

  • 2003 FRCP (London)  


  • 1986 ΜRCP   


Honours & Awards

  • Thomas Aubrey Memorial Priz  (January 1, 1982)

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