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Victor Gut
(CN, RU), M.D. (RU), Ph.D. (RU)

Osteopathy | Functional Neurology


Victor Gut is a Canadian and Russian Osteopath/Manual Therapist and Russian Neurologist and Psychiatrist with over a 30-year diverse practical experience in traditional and osteopathic medicine in Russia and Israel, currently serves his services in Larnaca and Limassol areas in Cyprus.


From 2016 he practices in Cyprus as an Osteopath concerning on such problems as headaches, vertebral pain, peripheral nerve entrapment, neuro-developmental delay in children, emotional problems, sensitivity to food and domestic agents as trigger factors of muscular pain and viscero-somatic dysfunctions.


Clinical / Academic Interests:

  •  Headaches, spine and pelvic pain (mechano and noci receptor and sequence causation, referred spine pain)
  •  Peripheral nerve entrapment
  •  Pain in pregnancy and puerperal period
  • Cranial nerve functional disturbances
  • Emotional problems (frontal and limbic causation)
  • Neuro-developmental delay in children (learning difficulties, poor organisation skills, pure visual. processing skills, poor written expression, hypersensitivity to sound, light, touch, fidgeting, confusion. between left and right)
  • Testing sensitivity to food and domestic chemical agents as possible chemical stressors of digestive problems, muscle pain and headaches
  • Disfunction of viscero-visceral, viscero-somatic, somato-somatic reflexes.



  • Lecturer “Introduction to Manipulative Therapy and Visceral Manipulations”, Bar Ilan University, Advanced Training and Research Department, Ramat Gan, Israel (2004-2005).
  • Lecturer “ Manual Therapy for Medical Practitioners”, Center of Alternative Medicine, Haifa and Rishon-le Zion, Israel (1994-2002).
  • Lecturer “Visceral Manipulations and Vertebro-Visceral Interrelation”, State Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Department of Neurology, Novokuznetsk, USSR (1991-1992).


Publications & Presentations:

36 scientific articles in the field of phychaitry, neurology, mathematical modelling in medicine, osteopathy, sport medicine, 4 tutorials for physicians (Health Ministry of USSR) as well as 2 tutorials for trainers, sports doctors and athletes (“Fitness Training for Shooters”( Co-author -Peljha Z.): http://shooting-russia.ru/library/, “Body Dialog (Correction of Muscle Disbalance)” (Co-author - Dr.Schleifer I.): http://shooting-russia.ru/library/.




  • Osteopath  (Jan, 2016 - Current)

    Private Clinic, Nicosia, Pyla, Cyprus

  • Sports Doctor and Research Consultant  (Jan, 2010 - Jan, 2016)

    Russian National Shooting Team, Russian Shooting Union

  • Osteopath/Manual Therapist  (Jan, 2004 - Jan, 2010)

    Maccabi Health Services, FCM Department, Holon and Rishon le-Zion, Israel

  • Osteopath/Manual Therapist  (Jan, 2002 - Jan, 2009)

    Dr. Gut’s Clinic, Holon, Israel

  • Manual Therapist and Rehabilitation Specialist  (Jan, 1993 - Jan, 2002)

    Center of Alternative Medicine, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rishon-le Zion, Israel

  • Lecturer  (Jan, 1991 - Jan, 1992)

    Department of Neurology, State Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Neurologist-Psychiatrist  (Jan, 1989 - Jan, 1992)

    Female Dispensary, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Child-Neurologist  (Jan, 1989 - Jan, 1990)

    Children’s City Hospital, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist  (Jan, 1987 - Jan, 1988)

    Female Dispensary, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Neurologist-Psychiatrist  (Jan, 1982 - Jan, 1986)

    Research Institute of Professional Diseases, USSR, Novokuznetsk

  • Psychiatrist  (Jan, 1981 - Jan, 1982)

    Mental Hospital, Osinniki, USSR

Honours & Awards

  • M.D.  

    State Medical University, Kemerovo, USSR (1974-1980)

  • Psychiatry Internship   

    Mental Hospital, Osinniki, USSR (1980-1981)

  • Psychiatry Residency   

    Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Psychiatry Department, Novokuznetsk, USSR (1986-1988)

  • Ph.D.   

    Mental Health Research Center, Tomsk, USSR (1988-1989)

  • Neurology Residency  

    State Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, St-Petersburg (2003-2004)

  • Doctor of Manual Therapy  

    Russian School of Osteopathic Medicine, Saint-Petersburg (2004-2005)

  • D.O. (Russia)   

    Russian School of Osteopathic Medicine, Saint-Petersburg (2002-2006)

  • D.O. (Québec, Canada)   

    Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal, Canada (2005-2006) Thesis: Comparative Efficacy of Osteopathic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel and Upper Limbs\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Paresthetic Syndrome: A Clinical Randomized Blind Trial

  • Manual Therapy: Certified Course for Doctors of Manual Therapy  (January 1, 1990)

    State Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Department of Neurology, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Introduction to the Stomatognathic System  (January 1, 1991)

    Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Applied Kinesiology, International College of Applied Kinesiology-Europe,Tutors: J.Shafer, DC, ICAK-E, C.Smith, DO,ICAK-E

  • Acupuncture  (January 1, 1991)

    State Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Department of Neurology, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Manual Therapy in Children  (January 1, 1992)

    State Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Department of Neurology, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Visceral Manipulations and Vertebro-Visceral Interrelations  (January 1, 1992)

    State Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Department of Neurology, Novokuznetsk, USSR

  • Basic Instruction in Applied Kinesiology  (January 1, 1992)

    Tutors: J.Shafer, DC, ICAK-E, C.Smith, DO, ICAK-E, International College of Applied Kinesiology-Europe

  • Cranio-Sacral Axis Dysfunction,  (January 1, 2004)

    Tutor: Harold I.Magoun, DO, FAAO (USA)

  • Brain Ventricles’ Techniques. Endocranial Dynamics   (January 1, 2004)

    Tutor: Ph.Druelle, DO (Canada)

  • Osteopathic Examination  (January 1, 2004)

    Tutor: P.Chauffour, DO (France)

  • Strain/Counterstrain  (January 1, 2004)

    Tutor: John M. Jones III, DO, FAAO (USA)

  • Hernie Discable  (January 1, 2005)

    Introduction an Décodage Biologique Tutor: J. Jaubert, DO, MRO (France)

  • Systeme Endocrine et Region de Coeur Dans Leur Interrelation   (January 1, 2006)

    Tutor: Ph.Druelle, DO (Canada)

  • Osteopathic Approach to Epilepsy. Plagiocephalia  (January 1, 2006)

    Tutor: Viola Frymann, DO, FAAO (USA)

  • Physiotherapy, Certified Course  (January 1, 2008)

    Doctors’ Advanced Training Institute, Moscow, Russia

  • Functional Neurology (P-DTR)   (May 20, 2024)

    Foundational, Intermedial, Advanced Seminars, Visual Diagnostic Master Class (2017-2019) Tutor: Dr J. Palomar, OS

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  • Reviewer


    7 years ago

    Виктор Гут самый профессиональный остеопат на Кипре. Богатый опыт работы поможет решить многое проблемы со здоровьем.


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