Dr. Tatiana Michaelidou MD, PhD

Dr. Tatiana Michaelidou MD, PhD

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Dr Tatiana


Dr. Tatiana Michaelidou MD, PhD

"Consultant Cardiologist"

Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac Image

"An Experienced Cardiologist with extensive knowledge of the modern methods of heart diseases treatment and diagnostics. An individual with a big responsibility who can also be highly productive."

Personal Information

Personal Information

English, Russian, Greek
22 322 770

Location Information

Postal Address:
Archiepiskopou Leontiou 25A
Postal Code:
City Name:

Second Location

2nd Postal Ad.
AMERICAN MEDICAL CENTER, 215, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave.
2nd Town:
2nd Postal C.
2nd City:


State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia
Other Universities:
Institute of Cardiology, Tomsk, Russia
Member of European Society of Cardiology, Member of European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging

Awards - Qualifications

Awards & Distinctions:
First award for the best research work of young scientists – internists in Siberia and Far East, Russia (1995)
  • (Aug 2016) Certificate of European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging about Adult Transesophageal Echocardiography.
  • (2012) - Certificate of Adult Transthoracic Echocardiography
  • (2012) - Certificate of European Society of Echocardiography “Adult Transthoracic Echocardiography”.
  • (15 March 2000) - Certificate/ permission of working as MD and cardiologist in Cyprus (Number  76/99).
  • (15 March  2000) - Certificate/ Permission from Cyprus Medical Council  to work in Cyprus as specialist-cardiologist (Number  03164).
  • (1998) - Certificate of PhD in specialty Cardiology an Nuclear Cardiology, 3 July 1998, Number ΚΤ Νο 048795.
  • (June 1997-July 1997) - Berlin Heart Institute, Germany clinical study. 
  • (1995) - Certificate of Doctor Cardiologist in Russia ( Α Νο. 064697).
  • (1993) - Diploma of Medical Doctor study. Number of  diploma with  excellent marks CV  No. 540842.


Practice Experience:
'Cardiologist Doctor
American Heart Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus (June 2003 - Present)

'Cardiology Research Institute Tomsk, Russia (Aug 1993 - Nov 1998)

Internship: 'Institute of Cardiology, Tomsk, Russia.

Residency: 'Institute of Cardiology, Tomsk, Russia.

Fellowships: 'Department of Emergency Care in Institute of Cardiology, Tomsk, Russia.

Clinical / Academic Interests:
  • Practicing general medicine and cardiology.
  • Cardiac Ultrasound. 
  • Nuclear Cardiology

Doctor Specialties



Hospital Type:
Hospital Specialty:
Associated Hospital:

Other Info

Special Services & Expertise:
Nuclear Cardiology.
Cardiac Image.

Publications & Presentations:
1. Charris D. Fessas, Tatiana Michaelidou - Atrial fibrillation and Thromboembolism, Prevention and Management.
Ιατρική Κύπρος 2000/τόμος 17-τευχη 1&2, pages 5-8.

2. T.Kolokolova, N.Krivonogov, S.Minazutdinov, V.Marcov, Yu.Lishmanov - Radionuclide assessment of hemodynamics in acute myocardial patients after thrombolytic therapy // Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. -1995. -N 6. - Vol. 27. -P. A410.

3. T.Kolokolova, N.Krivonogov, S.Minazutdinov, V.Marcov, Yu.Lishmanov - Radionuclide assessment of hemodynamic in acute myocardial infarction patients after thrombolytic therapy // Conference «Congestive heart failure: from molecular biology to the clinic», -Venice. -1995. -P.134. Poster.

4. T.Yu. Kolokolova, N.G. Krivonogov, Yu.B.Lishmanov, V.A. Marcov - The influence of thrombolytic therapy on the myocar¬dial contractility and pulmonary hemodynamics in patients with acute myocardial infarction // Conference «Isc¬hemia-reperfusion syndrome «Trend and Concepts», March 1995. - Bel¬gium.

5. T.Y.Kolokolova, N.G.Krivonogov, V.A.Marcov, Yu.B.Lish¬manov - Influence of captopril on pulmonary hemodynamics in acute myocardial patient //  Abstr. Ή 1379 in «4th World Congress on heart failure-mechanisms and management», Jerusalem. -Israel, May 26-29. -1996.

6. Y.Lishmanov, J.Vesnina, A.Chernyavsky, T.Kolokolova, N.Krivonogov, V.Chernov - Scintigraphic study of effectiveness of surgical treatment in acute coronary insufficiency // Abstract Ή 1829 in «4th World Congress on heart failure-mecha¬nisms and management», Jerusalem. -Israel. -May 26-29. -1996.

7. Yu.Lishmanov, T.Kolokolova, N.Krivonogov, A.Chernyavs¬kiy - Scintigraphic assessement of coronary bypass graft surgery prognosis in myocardial infarction patients // - Abstract in Journal fuer Kardiologie. -5th Alpe-Adria Cardio¬logy Meeting in Austria, Graz. 8-10 May 1997 -Ή2 -P.122.

8. T.Kolokolova, N.Krivonogov, V. Chernov,  V. Markov, Yu.Lishmanov - Prospective assessment of capoten influence on pulmonary-cardiac hemodynamics in myocardial infarction pati¬ents // Abstract in Journal fuer Kardiologie. -5th Alpe-Adria Cardiology Meeting in Austria, Graz. 8-10 May 1997. -Ή2 -P. 183-184.

9 Yu.B.Lishmanov, T.Yu.Kolokolova, N.G.Krivonogov, V.A.Markov - Scintigraphic diagnosis of early signs of heart failure and their correction with captopril in patients with myocardial infarction // Kardiologia.–1997. –N 12. Vol. 37. -P. 56-60.

10. Yu.B.Lishmanov, T.Yu.Kolokolova, N.G.Krivonigov - Radioactive methods in assessment of hemodynamics and contractile function of myocardium // Charkov Medical Journal. –1997. –N2. –P.18-20.

11. 11. Yu.B.Lishmanov, T.Yu.Kolokolova, N.G.Krivonogov, V.A.Markov - Radiocardiopulmonography using for assessment of treatment efficacy in  myocardial infarction patients // International Medical Journal. -1998. -N2.

12. T.Kolokolova, V.Chernov, V.Marcov, Yu.Lishmanov - Capoten influence on myocardial perfusion in myocardial infarction patients. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine. -1998. -N8 -Vol. 25. -P. 991. 

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Профессионал с большой буквы!

Много лет наблюдаюсь у доктора Татьяны и всегда получаю квалифицированную врачебную помощь. Прекрасный специалист, душевный и отзывчивый человек! Всегда отвечает на вопросы, касающиеся лечения, терпеливо разъясняет, внимательна ко всем аспектам данного пациента, вызывает безграничное доверие!
Всем своим друзьям всегда рекомендую этого доктора! Те друзья, кто побывал на приеме у этого прекрасного доктора, остаются ей верны :)

Excellent cardiologist!