Dr Theodossios Perdikides

Dr Theodossios Perdikides

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Dr. Perdikidis

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Apollonion Private Hospital, 20 Lefkotheou Avenue
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2 reviews

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5.0  (2)
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overall rating
I respect this doctor

I went to this person and at first was satisfied with his personality which was a result of his level knowledge and mentality, he is a good profession and helpful person as well. I felt care from his side to patients and was satisfied with result of his job and attitude. I am a foreigner in Cyprus and I was lucky to meet this doctor.

An Honour to have your expertise available in Cyprus

Your reputation precedes you sir!
Not only do you have a fantastic bed-side manner, you are ethical and empathetic to the needs of your patients.
Having treated over 3000 patients suffering with PAD''s ( Peripheral Arterial Disease ) and having performed over 2000 Endovascular Aneurysms we look forward to helping people find their health with your expertise!