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Know Your Doctor offers two profile types for professionals who wish to be listed on KYD website

"Recent research in US shows that 78% of people now use online medical sites as a source of information when it comes to finding a doctor"



Simply by having a professional profile page makes you visible to patients and tells them how to contact you. Patients can find you on our website or through Google

Time Savings

The online booking function at the Gold membership level helps reduce valuable administration time at your clinic

Enhanced Exposure

As a professional member of Know Your Doctor, you have the opportunity to contribute articles to a dedicated professional blog and to be seen on our social media channels

Patient confidence

Our verification system ensures that you have the appropriate credentials. Additional icons on your profile will indicate how many years you have been listed on our site

GHS (GeSY) at a glance

With a simple icon attached to your profile page, we indicate to patients whether or not you are a GHS (GeSY) provider

Data analytics

At the Gold membership level, you have access to analytical data that reveals how many views your professional page receives

Marketing Services

If you’d like to take your presence on Know Your Doctor to a higher level, our marketing services team can help you develop an advertising strategy to promote your practice.


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Know Your Doctor provides a special way to connect doctors in Cyprus with patients and build brand loyalty in their patient communities. Your professional profile page can also be found via Google search.


New generation patients increasingly turn to the internet to read and find whatever they need including their medical care. KYD provides frequent publishing of your KYD profile on all social media pages viewed by thousands of users.


Know Your Doctor helps doctors and clinics by giving them the opportunity to inform online their patients about their practice, so they can improve and continue to build trust and confidence.


Know Your Doctor helps doctors and clinics to endorse their profiles by uploading on the public their education & qualifications, awards & distinctions, achievements, specialties, practice experience and all necessary information that a patient wants to know about a doctor prior to the visit.


Know Your Doctor improves doctor’s and clinics competitive position.


Personal direct web link (URL) to doctor's and clinic's profile webpage that they can provide to patients either printed on business cards, on email signature or on prescription letters which will indicate all the above mentioned

"69% Patients research a healthcare professional online before they see them for the first time"


1. How do I get my patients to write a review about me?

Print out reminder cards and ask your receptionist to give to each patient in order to enable them to access your personal webpage directly. At the end of each appointment you can transparently ask your patient to visit www.knowyourdoctor.com.cy and provide their feedback by just searching either for your name, for your specialty or by city. Statistics show that patients really like to be asked for their feedback and opinion. Also this supports your continuing professional development since it demonstrates your focus on your patient needs. Add your personal webpage or appointment cards, prescription letters, business cards or any other hand out leaflets.

2. How do I know that a patient will remember me?

As a doctor, you have the option to subscribe for the KYD membership (click here for more info about the KYD membership), which will allow you to add your profile, including your photo, awards & certifications, education & credentials, previous experience etc. in order for patients to be able to recognise you and to ensure that they will leave a feedback to his doctor.

3. I want to use this as part of my appraisal/revalidation?

You can use your patient’s reviews as part of your routing annual assessments and appraisals. At any time, you can print out your personal webpage listing all your patients’ reviews and ratings in order to meet new requirements.

4. How helpful is KnowYourDoctor for me?

By using KYD makes it easy to build a long record of patient comments in order improve your competitiveness and also to support your continuing professional development. Demonstrate to your patients and colleagues that you are transparent, aware and focused on your patient experience by delivering high quality care. In order to manage your online reputation, have a single, safe, unique and trusted location so your patients can learn about the medical care you provide.

5. What do other doctors think about KnowYourDoctor site?

This depends on each individual doctor. We receive many emails from doctors congratulating us for the creation of this site and also telling us how much KYD has helped them grow their practice. Patient’s philosophy focuses to the fact that a good doctor would want to know the patient’s feedback in order to improve his or her practice and continue building trust and confidence with the patients. These doctors are open-minded, transparent and focused on their patient experience by delivering a high standard quality care

6. I work in different locations, what should I do?

f you are not only working in your private office but you also work in private clinics, hospitals etc. you can simply add all these locations to your profile in your private webpage. Except of your personal feedback patients will be able to review the location, so it is important to list all your work locations in your profile. If a patient visits you at a location which is not listed in your profile, then they will be able to add this location in the website but of course will be first approved by the KYD administrative team.

7. I want to show KYD reviews & ratings on my own website.

Potential patients visit and leave your website. KYD is the central point of doctors in Cyprus which in matter of minutes allow visitors to book appointment with you instantly. Simply add your personal KYD profile webpage (URL link) as one of the internal webpage links of your own website. Each time a visitor will click on that web link on your website will be redirect to your personal KYD webpage (ask your website administrator to do this job for you).

8. I noticed that Know Your Doctor has many visitors so I would like to advertise my private company/office in your site, how can I advertise here?

Click on the link Advertise with Us located at the top menu of each webpage, fill up your details and a sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

9. How do you detect and prevent abuse or fraud?

KYD provides online authentication system tools and technical solutions in order to detect abuse or other fraud, ensuring you can trust what patients write about you. Doctors are encouraged to report any review that may not be genuine. This can be done by clicking the red flag icon (Report Abuse) next to the review. This automatically reports this review as abuse or fraud and then KYD team will take the necessary actions.

10. How many time can a patient review & rate?

Up to 3 times a month. Automatically the system detects the IP address of the other end and blocks the 'Rate & Review' option once it reaches the 3 times limit.

11. I do NOT agree with a patient review. How can I delete this review?

If you think the review must be deleted, then click the red flag icon (Report Abuse) next to the review and tell us why you think it should be removed. If the review doesn’t contain profanity or threats of violence, then it will be re-approved and the red flag will disappear, otherwise if it does contain threats then it will be deleted from the site and the user will be permanently blocked from KYD database.

12. Do you think the experience and reviews of other patients will help other people to find better care?

Obviously, patient’s reviews of their experiences predict the great doctor’s clinical outcomes, as well as hospitals and clinics which are effective and safe. The ability to read some reviews and ratings of a doctor’s personal performance and communication skills helps patients to make the right decision that suits most to their preferences.

13. I saw a mistake in the doctor listing, the name is spelt wrong, where shall I report it?

Click on the menu 'Ask Us' and choose the option ''I noticed incorrect or missing data''. Please specify the mistake you noticed and the KYD team will fix this error ithin 24hours.

14. You didn’t answer all my questions. How can I contact you?

Please email us we make sure to read every incoming email but we only respond to those that are not covered above in Q&A section. Thank you!