Scared of bad review or abuse?

For a doctor in Cyprus, online patient feedback is something new and challenging. However, all doctors want to know their patients feedback in order for them to improve their care and continue building trust and confidence. 

However, at Know Your Doctor Cyprus, the patients reviews are optional, so if a doctor does not want to allow patients to write a review on his/her profile he/she can simply disable the 'reviews option'. Besides that, the KYD Technical Support Team monitors all reviews before publish them on the site therefore will not allow any review that may abuse a doctor's reputation.
Nevertheless, doctors in Cyprus should feel safe when listing their profiles on KYD site since our online authentication system tool along with the KYD Technical Support Team detect abuse or other fraud, ensuring you can trust what a patient write about you. All reviews are checked by our technical team before they can be published live. 
According to new research by both Kantar Media and Deloitte, an increasing number of people are seeking health information online. Among increasing healthcare costs, people are checking out how much a health plan would pay for certain medical treatments and services. They’re also consulting medical reviews, patient ratings, healthcare product effectiveness, and doctor and hospital reviews. 
Nowadays, most people seek health information through the internet, what we call “online research”. Online patient reviews spread around US and EU the last decade and has shown significantly improved results from the doctors’ site. 
“According to recent research by doctor reviews, 51% of people now check industry review sites to assess doctors”. See below some related articles.


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