Green vegetables make us happy!

Having a variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily menu as everyone would agree is very important, but did you know that green vegetables especially are more beneficial for your health? Kale, broccoli, spinach, parsley, dill, sprouts are low in calories, contain a lot of vitamin C and magnesium. Additionally they are low in calories and provide valuable yellow, orange and red carotenoids.


The color imparted by the carotenoids is masked However, they chlorofiem - green color, which supports the cleaning processes of the body. Chlorophyll creates a strong connection with a toxic compounds (including some carcinogens) - thus less harmful compounds reach the tissues of the body. It helps freshen breath and has antioxidant effects.


Natural medicine regards it as a component favoring the renewal of the body, supporting the liver, treatment of anemia and soothing inflammation.


“Dark green leafy vegetables are perhaps the most potent superfood on the planet.”


As we mentioned green vegetables contain chlorophyll, it is known widely as a vegetable hemoglobin - the blood of vegetables. It is the chlorophyll that affect the beautiful green color of the vegetables. Most of chlorophyll is green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and beetroot.


The affects of the chlorophyll in our body:


·       Cleansing, detoxification (gets rid of a heavy metals)

·       It protects against inflammation and acts immunizing,

·       Inactivates carcinogenic particles,

·       Heals wounds - increased blood clotting,

·       It helps maintain normal intestinal flora,

·       Participates in the synthesis of vitamins A, E and K,

·       Has beneficial effect on the immune system.


By eating green vegetables you supply yourself an injection of energy and most of all fun!

This is because they contain a lot of folic acid, which, among others, participates in the synthesis of the hormone of happiness, or serotonin. It is an essential component of many metabolic processes. Foods rich in folic acid are recommended especially for pregnant women.


Try to eat as many vegetables raw: in salads or as a vegetable smoothies. That way you will avoid the loss of valuable components, which are killed by heat treatment. 


Let's eat vegetables as often as possible for good health!

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