How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend

1. Stop sleeping late. 

Although you may be tempted to do so, sleeping the morning away will rob you of valuable time to get out there and make the most of your weekend.

In fact, it will end up interfering with your sleep schedule during the rest of the week, making you even more exhausted. If you’re really tired, just take a short power nap during the day instead.

2. Stop working! 

That’s right, actually give work a rest. Make a conscious decision at 5:00 on Friday to stop working and start relaxing.

Imagine you’re transforming from the “work version” of yourself into the happy-go-lucky, relaxing “weekend version.” Relax, guilt-free!

3. Unplug from social media and smartphones.

Being constantly connected spreads your attention thin, draining you of valuable energy at a time when you’re trying to relax and—pardon the pun—recharge.

3. Plan ahead-but also go with the flow.

Strike a good balance. You can look forward to future activities and have plans in place, but also let yourself flexible without packing the weekend too tightly.

5. Get out of your comfort zone. 

Monotony can make even the most relaxing weekend feel boring, and what else is more exhausting than that?

Challenge yourself with new physical or intellectual activities. Make your weekends different every week.

Consider a weekend “staycation”: pretend you’re a tourist in your own city or town. Perhaps there are some interesting places you’ve never checked out that are just minutes away from you!

6. Schedule some “nothing” time.

For years, I’ve scheduled out a morning or afternoon every weekend to be entirely without plans.

This may seem boring, but it’s a healthy way for me to recharge and hit the “reset” button. I know I don’t have to be anywhere, do anything, or be accountable to anyone, and that’s so satisfying.

Carve out at least an hour to be entirely selfish and self-indulgent.

7. Don’t postpone all your chores or errands for the weekend.

Doing this will just stress you out when you are trying to decompress. Knock off some of your chores during the week so you can really relax during the weekend.

8. Fight the “Sunday blues.”

Is it hard for you to enjoy the weekend because you’re dreading the work week that lies ahead?

Remember, you’re wasting an entire day of your life every single time you do this. Allow your Sunday to be chill and enriching. 


And above all, know that these days are yours. Make them different and special and allow yourself to have a relaxing weekend.[source]

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