Know Your Doctor Cyprus group

Know Your Doctor Cyprus group
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The intent of this group is to share information about practitioners. This information regarding MD's and various types of Holistic practitioners is based on the experiences of patients that have come in contact with them. It is meant to provide positive information regarding the practitioners and not a place to complain about them and to share your positive experiences.


The group is used to recommend doctors, health professionals, dentists, Hospitals in Cyprus, who properly diagnose and realistically help their patients.


The group is intended for both patients and other healthcare professionals. Remember you can also search for doctors and read reviews about them on This Group has been started by Know Your Doctor Cyprus. This is the number one online resource for you to find quality medical care in Cyprus.


The website is dedicated to sharing information, reviews and feedback for doctors, healthcare professionals, emergency health specialists and also hospitals and clinics located around Cyprus. Search by town including Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Ammochostos to find your perfect doctor.


Discover available doctors, explore their profiles and learn about their expertise before you visit. Whether you're looking for dentists, cardiologists or orthopedics doctors, you will feel confident with the results you receive from Know Your Doctor.




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