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overworked and underated

I was an in-patient 10 years ago for 4 days. Very grateful on the whole, as the staff and most doctors were efficient and kind. Recently I was admitted for 10 days with a similar ailment. The difference in the hospital was striking, it had become so very very busy. On my ward there were 50 patients and just 3 nurses much of the time. These nurses were very efficient, yet bless them, they had so little time to relate or encourage this patient. My spoken greek is not wonderful yet i can communicate, which usually encourages local staff when I do try. The medical team were very thorough in attempting to veryfy and treat my presenting condition. Even though they were so very busy, this was very impressive. Of course the hospital has budget concerns and the sheets being very worn, with repaires in many places, yet were always as clean as could be. I wanted to write this review because of the negative comments that one hears locally. My experience was truly positive, and it frustrates me that people do not look to the realities when decrying the care on offer. For a hospital that has become so very busy with great demand for in-patient beds and out-patient treatment, I believe that all the staff and management should take a bow, for what they are achieving everyday under really tough circumstances.


I had 2 births at this hospital 1 in 2012 and 1 in 2014 both natural so I can only review the Maternity department. Overall I was quite satisfied however you need to be open minded about the way things happen there. I choose 'public' hospital in order to avoid being pushed by private doctor to make C-section which is terry common in Cyprus. Secondly The Pediatric department has very has best pediatricians so anyhow i felt safer being there then to Public clinic. My advise if you choose this place for birth is to know what you want and ask for it when need as it will not be offered. For example you you want to exclusively breastfeed SAY IT otherwise they may force formula milk on your baby which is really not needed. Of course the process of visits was very annoying but i didn't mind.