Patroclou Obstetric-Gynaecologic Private Clinic

Patroclou Obstetric-Gynaecologic Private Clinic

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Patroclou Obstetric-Gynaecologic Private Clinic

Patroclou Private Clinic

"Obstetric – Gynaecological" 

Patroclou Obstetric – Gynaecological Private Clinic is run by two doctors, Dr. Patroclos Patroclou and Dr. Aristotelis Patroclou. It is highly qualified and licensed here in Cyprus and abroad, the obstetricians and gynecologists have a wealth of experience in the field of gynecologic surgery and obstetrics, and regularly attend the professional medical training and medical congresses worldwide.

Here you can make an appointment and be provided with the necessary assistance in male and female infertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF), IVM – method, gynecological surgery (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) if needed. In addition to the mother tongue, Greek, the doctors of clinic are also fluent in German and English, French, Italian and a little bit of Russian.


The Doctors



Dr. Aristotelis Patroclou

''Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist''

- MSc in Clinical Embryology - 



Obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Aristotelis Patroclou, has been in the profession for almost 20 years. In 1971, after high school, he attended the University of Liege in Belgium (part of the EUA – European University Association), and graduated with distinction in 1985, qualifying for the “Doctor of Medicine and Surgery”.

The doctor has the full registration as Medical Practitioner (1987), is on the Specialist list in Obstetrics and Gynecology (1995) in Cyprus, and has the full registration as Medical Practitioner in Britain (October 1992). In addition, the doctor is also a certified Master in Clinical Embryology (Austria, 2002), the Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Great Britain (2009), and the active council of the Cypriot Medical Society.

The doctor also participates in exchange programs and professional medical courses in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Cyprus. Obstetric - Gynecological Patroclou ClinicIn 1999, Dr. Aristotelis Patroclou received an additional education in the field of embryology (completing of 12 practical and 10 theoretical modules) in Austria.

Dr. Aristotelis Patroclou started the private practice in Limassol in 1996. His areas of expertise include in:

  • laparoscopic and Hysteroscopy Surgery Stage III (removal of uterine septum or fibroid A or B and laparoscopic removal of cyst);
  • IVF (since 1997) and the IVM methods;
  • pregnancy after testicular biopsy in the case of male Kartagener Syndrome

Obstetrician-gynaecologist Aristotelis Patroclou is fluent in Greek, French, English, Italian, and speaks a little bit of Russian.




Dr. Patroclos Patroclou

''Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist''

- Vienna University Medical School - 



Dr. Patroclos Patroclou graduated of the Medical School in Vienna University (Austria). He also specialises in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London (UK). He worked in Hammersmith Hospital (post graduate student) under Professor Robert Winston (Later – Lord Winston). He got his MRCOQ in 1980. Since 1995 the doctor is a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Great Britain.

Dr. Patroclos Patroclou also attended a number of informative and/or training Seminars and Congresses locally and worldwide and he is a Member of the Cyprus Medical Association and Cyprus Gynaecological and Obstetrical Society, was elected as Member of the Board of Directors of this society and of the European Society of Contraception and Assisted Reproduction (ESC) also. Since 2010 to date, he is a Member of the Executive committee of the ESC, Assistant Treasurer.

Moreover, since 1997 the doctor is a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Limassol – Kourion. He was president of the club in 2011-2012. In addition to the mother tongue, Greek, the doctor is fluent in German and English, and comprehensive French.

"The doctors of the clinic – Dr. Patroclos Patroclou and Dr. Aristotelis Patroclou, can help you with any gynecological problem you may have!"


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