Maria Photiades

Maria Photiades

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Maria Photiades

Maria Photiades

Registered Clinical Psychologist  


The Dialogue Center of Therapy was established in 2016 driven by our desire to help fellow human beings in need, and our genuine interest in mental health.

"The primary objective of Dialogue Center of Therapy is to provide a wide range of professional therapeutic services across all age groups."


Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods to aid an individual to change and overcome difficulties in desired ways.

Child Psychotherapy

Child psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods, usually done through play, which accommodates children aged 6 to 12.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy focused on couples, aiding two individuals involved in a romantic relationship to gain an insight into their relationship, resolve conflict, as well as improve relationship satisfaction utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions.

Psychometric Evaluation

We offer comprehensive psychometric assessments for both personality assessment and for diagnosing issues related to learning problems, ADHD, as well as developmental difficulties.

Personal Information


Personal Information

Reg. No.:
Reg. No. 467
Greek, English

Location Information

Postal Address:
Stasandrou, 7
Postal Code:
City Name:


University of Westminster London
Other Universities:
University of Nicosia
Cyprus Psychological Association (CYPSA)

Awards - Qualifications

BSc Psychology
University of Westminster London 

MSc Clinical Psychology
University of Nicosia


Practice Experience:
Clinical Psychologist (Mar 2017 – Present)
Dialogue Center of Therapy , Nicosia

Trainee Clinical Psychologist (Jan 2015 – April 2016)
Agia Skepi Therapeutic Community

Trainee Clinical Psychologist (Apr 2015 – Sep 2017)
KESY , Nicosia

Trainee Clinical Psychologist (Nov 2016 – Feb 2017)
General Hospital Nicosia 

Payment Options

Accepted Payments:

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