Know Your Doctor, or KYD for short, is an online tool that allows all Cypriot citizens and tourists to find the right medical care in Cyprus. Simple to use platform, where you can search for any doctors, health professionals, dentists or hospitals and clinics in Cyprus.

Know your doctor's main aim is to ease the job of finding the right health professional for the patient and to increase the connectivity between doctors and patients in Cyprus. In our directory of doctors, you will find details about hospitals and clinics of Cyprus and various specialized doctors like cardiologists, dermatologists, pathologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, dental clinics, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, any other health professional, as well as every single detail about the required doctor, hospital, clinics and other health professionals.

We often hear people ask...

Do you know a plastic surgeon in Nicosia?

Can you recommend me a dentist in Limassol?

Any gynecologist in Paphos?

We are looking for a family doctor in Larnaca... 

Do you know an Orthopedic Surgeon in Nicosia specializing in foot and ankle disorders?

Now you can get the answers on KYD Platform using this powerful search tool of health professionals and medical centers in Cyprus by reviewing their professional profiles online. 

On KNOW YOUR DOCTOR, you can also educate yourself about any health problem you may have. Our reach ‘Disease and Conditions’ educational section has more than 1000 articles on different health issues. Moreover, we run Health Blog featuring interesting articles from medical world and overall wellbeing.

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Know Your Doctor has launched early 2016. It was created based on a need – after first child was born in 2012, it was time to find proper pediatrician and this became quite a difficult task. Such website at the time didn’t exist. It was difficult to find a doctor in Limassol without a recommendation. The search started – but as many people that many opinions - asking friends and relatives simply didn’t help as everyone have different preferences.

We found a loupe in the market – there should be a website where you can search for doctors per location and specialty and to be able to view their details, see location and get to know the doctor a little bit before you go. That is how KNOW YOUR DOCTOR idea came to live.

We deeply believe this is great tool for both patients being able to search for doctors in Cyprus and doctors being able to display their full profile of expertise online.


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