Welcome to the Moodzone


"Why do I feel so down?". "How can I feel happier?". "Can I control my fears?".

Whatever you need to know about coping with stress, anxiety or depression, or just generally improving your emotional wellbeing, the Choices Moodzone is here to help. It offers practical, useful information, interactive tools, and videos to support you on your way to feeling better.

Before you get started

Do you need urgent mental health help now?

If you've had thoughts of self-harming or are feeling suicidal, contact someone immediately such as your GP, a friend, a relative or someone else you can trust. If you've already taken an overdose or cut yourself badly, dial 112.

The Moodzone deals with the kind of feelings and common life problems that affect lots of us from time to time. You might be trying to find help because you've been feeling down for a few days. Or perhaps you're having a stressful time at work, which is causing you to feel worried and anxious. The best way to work out where to go next is to take the mood assessment quiz.

If you want to talk to someone right away, the mental health helpline page has a list of organisations you can call for immediate help. These are helplines with specially trained volunteers who'll listen to you, understand what you're going through, and help you through the immediate crisis.


If you've been feeling depressed for more than a few weeks or your anxiety is affecting your daily life, make an appointment to speak to your GP.

Finding your way around

The green tabs at the top of the page list the contents of each Moodzone section. Just hover your cursor over each tab and select the page you want from the dropdown menu. The Moodzone is divided into three sections:

Common problems with mental wellbeing

This section explains what low mood and depression, stress, anger,anxiety and panic are. It offers tips on getting help and things you can do, for yourself and for others.

What you can do now

Feel ready to make a change? Moodzone offers tips and how-to guides to improve your mental wellbeing and information about available treatments. Moodzone also offers eight audio guides with advice on how to approach common problems with mental wellbeing. These include:

Low mood and depression audio guide

Anxiety audio guide

Anxiety control training audio guide

Panic attacks audio guide

Trouble sleeping audio guide

Unhelpful thinking audio guide

Low confidence and assertiveness audio guide

Practical problem solving audio guide