The Unique, New MRI Philips Ingenia 3 Tesla is now in Ayios Therissos!



The first-ever digital broadband MR system has been installed in Ayios  Therissos-Nicosia that delivers crystal clear images, remarkable speed and  technology. 

The new MRI Philips Ingenia 3T is ready to serve our customers with new  cutting edge technology standards. The new magnet has the largest bore  diameter (70 cm) in commercial MRI systems, able to accommodate obese  and fragile patients with ease in the largest homogenous field-of-view thus  reducing the feeling of claustrophobia, and at the same time covering larger  anatomic portions of the body, ideal for spine and abdominal imaging,  speeding up the examination procedure. 

Its new revolutionary technology uses direct digital  RF sampling at the coil, sampling the MRI signal  at the source, avoiding the intermediate analog  stages for down-conversion of the signal between  the coil elements and the analog to digital converter (ADC). All the ADC  electronics have been miniaturized and placed within the coil where the  digitization takes place with one fiber-optic cable replacing the multiple coaxial  cables (channel-independent RF technology). Thus, the overall result is a  simplified receiving architecture, with few electronic components, low power  consumption, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and dynamic range, producing  enhanced MRI signal without pre-distortion or compression, eliminating  analog artifacts. 

The combination of the 3 Tesla magnet, the digital coils, and the improved  techniques perform stellar everyday examinations, highly advanced  angiographies, spectroscopy, functional MRI and diffusion weighted imaging –  even in smaller body parts – with new dedicated software applications for the  brain, breast, prostate, rectum, and the musculoskeletal system. 

The new system is a welcoming addition to the powerful Philips iCT 256-slice  scanner, the only one in Cyprus, a cutting-edge technology system able to  capture images with up to 80% less radiation than other commercial CT  scanners and produce enhanced images at sub-millimeter resolution. Its  unprecedented accuracy and conduct is ideal for CT coronography and  angiography examinations, full field-of-view lung studies and abdominal &  pelvic imaging. 

The two γ-cameras  in our Nuclear Medicine department conclude the modalities offered at our  department in Nicosia. These γ-cameras, a Millennium VG from GE and a  Helix dual-head from Elscint are able to perform general Nuclear Medicine  procedures for static, dynamic and SPECT imaging in Oncology, Cardiology  and other clinical diagnostic imaging applications. 

The flexible Siemens Avanto 1.5 Tesla with 32 RF channels is still in service  in our department in Larnaca (Aradippou), one of the top models in its class,  with integrated Matrix coil elements, fully equipped with a broad range of  dedicated MR applications in every clinical field. This particular model is one  of the most powerful 1.5 Tesla scanners so far and the most powerful 1.5  Tesla scanner in Cyprus. 

The combination of top of the line equipment with our experienced medical  and administrative personnel places us in the first place of delivering leading  technology imaging and providing high-quality patient care in Cyprus. 

Our upgraded PACS system provides immediate online access of the  performed examinations to the referring doctors, and at the same time it is  possible to send studies digitally to any medical facility or doctor abroad. The  new PACS is in the process of being integrated with other private and  government healthcare centers, providing comprehensive imaging records. 

Additionally, with the arrival of our new MRI a new service of research will be  implemented with local & international universities and institutions  transforming the delivery and experience of care to our customers. 


  • High-resolution MRI vessel wall imaging such as post-contrast 3D Black Blood technique has the potential to directly depict and  characterize intracranial vessel wall pathology increasing the  diagnostic accuracy for vasculopathies, which may not be shown on  angiography, enhancing the specificity. The same technique is  improving the images of MR Neurography. 
  • MR imaging with metal-suppression sequences is now a powerful tool in detection of arthroplasty-related complications which until now  was impossible.
  • Arterial spin labeling (ASL) is a technique used to assess cerebral blood flow non-invasively, without contrast injection, by magnetically  labeling inflowing blood. This technique has a potential in the  investigation of dementia and in the study of stroke patients.
  • Whole-body MRI is a non-invasive screening technique that acquires images of the entire body in the coronal plane using only fast MRI  pulse sequences.
  • Whole-body MRI with diffusion-weighted imaging has recently been introduced for the evaluation of multifocal metastases in oncology  patients.
  • Automated and reliable quantitative MRI-based brain image analysis, has a huge potential to objectively help in the diagnosis and  follow-up of many neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple  sclerosis.


Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Brain (fused with fMRI data) 

Polyparamentric MRI in Prostate Cancer 

MR Neurography with 3D Black Blood Technique 

Whole Body MRI 

Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) to assess cerebral blood flow 

MR Angiography of multiple cerebral aneurysms using 3D TOF technique

3D digital subtraction post-contrast MRI of Breasts 


In Ayios Therissos we aim high to fulfill your  expectations for the best service in Cyprus! 


AYIOS THERISSOS Medical Diagnostic Center

Author Since:  January 16, 2018