Dr Eleni Orphanidou Vlachou

Δρ Ελένη Ορφανίδου Βλάχου - ΑΚΤΙΝΟΛΟΓΟΣ
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Dr. Eleni Orphanidou Vlachou


"Radiologist with special interest in Breast Imaging"


Dr. Orphanidou is a Radiologist with a medical degree and PhD (Cancer Sciences) from the University of Birmingham U.K. She has a special interest in breast imaging and research.


She completed her medical degree at the University of Birmingham U.K. in 2006, and gained full registration with the General Medical Council after the required practice (Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trusts).


She continued her studies with a PhD at the Department of Cancer Sciences at the University of Birmingham, which was funded by a scholarship from the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust. The thesis title was "Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Metabolic Studies of Low Grade Gliomas in Childhood".


Dr. Orphanidou Vlachou then specialised in Radiology at Nicosia General Hospital, acquiring the speciality title after successful examination at AHEPA Hospital Thessaloniki (Perifereia Kentrikis Macedonias).


She has been involved in teaching and research for over 10 years.


She is now practising as a Radiologist with a special interest in Breast Imaging and Research, and teaches medical students at the University of Cyprus.


Examinations offered at Nicosia Medical Centre


  1. Breast ultrasound
  2. Thyroid-neck ultrasound
  3. Abdomen and Pelvis ultrasound
  4. Scrotum ultrasound
  5. Peripheral veins Triplex
  6. Peripheral arteries Triplex
  7. Carotid-vertebral artery Triplex
  8. Testicular Triplex
  9. Ultrasound guided breast biopsies
  10. Ultrasound guided thyroid FNA



  • Breast Imaging-texture analysis in mammograms/prediction models.
  • In vivo 1Η magnetic resonance spectroscopy- interpretation of data in paediatric brain tumours especially low grade gliomas.
  • Texture analysis of magnetic resonance images.



  • Metabolite Levels in Paediatric Brain Tumours Correlate With Histological Features
    Orphanidou-Vlachou, E, Kohe, SE, Brundler, MA, MacPherson, L, Sun, Y1, Davies, N, Wilson, MP, Pan, X, Arvanitis,T, Grundy R, Peet AC
    Accepted for publication; Pathobiology; DOI: 10.1159/000458423
  • Texture analysis of T1- and T2-weighted MR images and use of probabilistic neural network to discriminate posterior fossa tumours in children
    Eleni Orphanidou-Vlachou*, Nikolaos Vlachos*, Nigel P. Davies, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Richard G. Grundy and Andrew C. Peet *equal contribution
    NMR in Biomedicine 2014, 27 (6):632-9
  • Extramedullary Hemopoesis
    Eleni Orphanidou-Vlachou, Chrysa Tziakouri-Shiakalli, Christos Georgiades
    Seminars in Ultrasound, CT and MRI 2014, 35 (3): 255-262
  • 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the diagnosis of paediatric low grade brain tumours.
    Orphanidou-Vlachou E, Auer D, Brundler MA, Davies NP, Jaspan T, MacPherson L, Natarajan K, Sun Y, Arvanitis TN, Grundy RG, Peet AC.
    Eur J Radiol. 2013 Jun;82(6):e295-301



  • 2nd Cyprus Breast Health Forum, 2019, Nicosia; Imaging of loco-regional breast cancer recurrence after mastectomy.
  • 1st Cyprus Breast Reconstruction Meeting, 2014, Limassol, Cyprus; Bi-rads Mammographic Breast Density Classification in Breast Cancer Screening in Cyprus; E Orphanidou Vlachou, Militsa Kouzali, C. Pattichis, S Petroudi, C Tziakouri Shiakalli
  • ISPNO 2014; Singapore; Tumor Myoinositol Levels Predict Progression Free Survival in Pediatric Low Grade Gliomas; Eleni Orphanidou-Vlachou, Lesley MacPherson, Martin W English, Dorothee Auer, Tim Jaspan, Theodoros N Arvanitis, Richard G Grundy, Andrew C Peet
  • ISPNO 2014; Singapore; Metabolite levels in paediatric brain tumours correlate with histological features; Eleni Orphanidou-Vlachou, Marie-Anne Brundler, Yu Sun, Nigel Davies, Martin Wilson, Xiaoyan Pan, Theodoros Arvanitis, Richard Grundy, Andrew Peet
  • ISPNO 2014; Singapore; Texture Analysis of T1- and T2-weighted Magnetic Resonance Images and Use of Probabilistic Neural Network to Discriminate Posterior Fossa Tumours in Children; Eleni Orphanidou-Vlachou*, Nikolaos Vlachos*, Nigel P. Davies, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Richard G. Grundy, Andrew C. Peet  N*equal contribution
  • British Chapter ISMRM 2010; Nottingham; Characterisation and Classification of Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours Using 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Logistic Regression; E. Orphanidou-Vlachou, N.P.Davies, T.Jaspan, Y.Sun, M.Wilson, T.N.Arvanitis, R.G.Grundy, A.C.Peet
  • British Chapter ISMRM 2010; Nottingham; Texture Analysis of T1- and T2-weighted Magnetic Resonance Images and Probabilistic Neural Network Discriminates Medulloblastomas, Pilocytic Astrocytomas and Ependymomas of the Posterior Fossa in Children; N. Vlachos, E. Orphanidou-Vlachou, N.P. Davies, T.N. Arvanitis, R.G. Grundy, A.C. Peet
  • NCRI 2010. Patterns of relapse in paediatric high grade gliomas treated with radical radiotherapy. Pek Keng Koh, Kal Natarajan, Po Fung, Eleni Orphanidou-Vlachou, David Spooner, Andrew Peet, Daniel Ford
  • ISPNO 2010 Glycine as a potential non-invasive prognostic biomarker in childhood brain tumours. N. P. Davies, M. Wilson, K. Natarajan, E. Orphanidou-Vlachou, Y. Sun, L. MacPherson, M. A. Brundler, T. N. Arvanitis, R. Grundy, A. C. Peet
  • ISPNO 2010 Multicentre prospective classification of childhood brain tumours based on 1H MRS metabolite profiles. N. P. Davies, T. N. Arvanitis, D. Auer, A. French, R. Grazier, R. Grundy, F. A. Howe, D. Hargrave, T. Jaspan, S. Lateef, M. O. Leach, L. MacPherson, K. Natarajan, G. Payne, E. Orphanidou-Vlachou, D. Saunders, Y. Sun, M. Wilson, A. C. Peet (Published in Neuro-oncol 2010;12(6):ii32)
  • ISPNO 2010 The Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) Functional Imaging e-repository for clinical trials of childhood brain tumours. T.N. Arvanitis, K. Natarajan, J. Rossiter, J.I.H.Ting, Y. Sun, M. Wilson, N.P.Davies, E. Orphanidou-Vlachou, R. Grazier, J.Crouch, D.P. Auer, C.A. Clark, R. Grundy, D. Hargrave, F. Howe, T. Jaspan, M.O. Leach, L. MacPherson, G.S.Payne, D.E. Saunders, A.C.Peet
  • BSNR 2009 A prospective multi-centre evaluation of paediatric brain tumour classifiers based on metabolite profiles from 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 1.5 Tesla. Davies NP, Orphanidou E, Natarajan K, Sun Y, MacPherson L, Coupland J, Auer D, Jaspan T, Saunders D, Payne G, Arvanitis TN, Grundy R, Peet AC
  • BSNR 2009 Investigation of glycine levels in paediatric brain tumours measured by MRS at 1.5 Tesla: a potential prognostic biomarker. Davies NP, Wilson M, Natarajan K, Orphanidou E, Sun Y, MacPherson L, Brundler MA, Arvanitis TN, Grundy RG, Peet AC
  • April 2009- International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 17th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition. Honolulu. A Multicentre study of 1H MRS for the Characterisation of Low Grade Brain Tumours of Childhood. E. Orphanidou-Vlachou, D. Auer, J. Coupland, N. P. Davies, T. Jaspan, L. McPherson, K. Natarajan, D. Saunders, Y. Sun, T. N. Arvanitis, R. G. Grundy and A. C. Peet.
  • March 2009- 18th British Chapter International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Annual Symposium for PhD Students and Post-Docs. London. 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours: Comparing Classification between Linear Discriminant Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks. Eleni Orphanidou-Vlachou, N.P.Davies, N.Vlachos, M.P. Wilson, L. McPherson, K.Natarajan, Y.Sun, T.N. Arvanitis, R. G. Grundy, A.C. Peet.
  • March 2009- 18th British Chapter International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Annual Symposium for PhD Students and Post-Docs. London. Discriminating 5 Types of Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours using Texture Analysis of T1 and T2 Axial MR Images and Artificial Neural Networks. Nikolaos Vlachos, E. Orphanidou-Vlachou, N.P.Davies, T.N. Arvanitis, R. G. Grundy, A.C. Peet.
  • September 2008- International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine British Chapter 2008. Newcastle. A Multicentre study of 1H MRS for the Characterisation of Low Grade Gliomas of Childhood (accepted but not presented). Orphanidou-Vlachou E, Auer D, Jaspan T, Coupland J, Payne G, Riches S, Germuska M, Leach M, Vaidya S, Arvanitis TN, Grundy RG and Peet AC.
  • June 2007- Joint Congress of the European Society of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2007. Vienna. Subtenon’s Triamcinolone in Treatment Resistant Diabetic Maculopathy. Mollan S, Kyprianou I, Orphanidou E, Palmer H, Tsaloumas M.
  • May 2007- Annual Ophthalmology Congress. Birmingham. Payment By Results: Does it Work in a Tertiary Referral Eye Centre? Orphanidou E, Murray P.I., Rauz S.
  • British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation 2005. Glasgow. Cardiac Rehabilitation Targets Still Not Being Met: An Audit in South Birmingham to NSF Standards. Eleni Orphanidou, Tzakas P, Do P, Sagoo R, Adab P



  1. 2nd Cyprus Breast Health Forum, Nicosia, 2019
  2. 1st Cyprus Breast Health Forum, Nicosia, 2018
  3. Joint Oncology-Radiology Conference, Cyprus, 2014
  4. International Conference on Nanotheranostics (ICoN), Cyprus, 2013
  5. The Cyprus Radiological Society, MRI Workshop, Cyprus, 2013
  6. International conference on Image Optimisation in Nuclear Medicine, Cyprus, 2011
  7. Pantheo and Midland Ophthalmological Society Joint Scientific Meeting, Cyprus, 2010
  8. British Chapter ISMRM Nottingham 2010
  9. British Chapter ISMRM Hammersmith 2009
  10. ISMRM Honolulu 2009
  11. Low Grade Glioma Translational Research Seminar, Nottingham, 2009
  12. ISPNO Chicago 2008
  13. Annual Ophthalmology Congress, Birmingham, 2007
  14. British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation, Glasgow, 2005

Associated Hospitals / Clinics



In-Network Insurance

  • GeSy (GHS)


  • Radiologist  (Jun, 2020 - Current)

    Nicosia Medical Centre

  • Radiologist  (Jan, 2018 - May, 2020)

    Private Practice

    Timios Stavros Private Hospital, The Breast Center of Cyprus, Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Centre / Bioiatriki

  • Special Scientist,  (Jan, 2019 - May, 2020)

    University of Cyprus Medical School, Radiology

  • Honorary lecturer in Radiology   (Jan, 2015 - Dec, 2015)

    St. George’s Medical School at the University of Nicosia

  • Teaching at University of Nicosia Fall Semester  (Jan, 2014 - Jan, 2016)

    Department of Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging

  • Teaching- Spring semester  (Jan, 2011 - Jan, 2012)

    University of Cyprus, Special Scientist, Psychopharmacology

  • Lecturer  (Jan, 2010 - Jan, 2013)

    Intercollege Larnaca

  • Foundation Year 1 doctor  (Jan, 2006 - Jan, 2007)

    Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust

    General and Vascular Surgery, ITU, Medicine/Respiratory Medicine) Holds full registration with General Medical Council (U.K.)

  • Medical student in-hospital teaching  (Jan, 2006 - Jan, 2007)

    Birmingham, U.K.

  • Basic Life Support and AED Instructor for nursing, physiotherapy and medical students  (Jan, 2003 - Jan, 2004)

    Birmingham University


  • Radiology Residency, Nicosia General Hospital  (Feb, 2013 - Oct, 2018)

    Perifereia Kentrikis Macedonias/AHEPA Hospital

  • PhD “Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Metabolic Studies of Low Grade Gliomas in Childhood  (Oct, 2007 - Jan, 2012)

    The University of Birmingham

    Funded by the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust

  • MBChB (Medical degree)  (Sep, 2001 - Jul, 2006)

    University of Birmingham

  • European Resuscitation Council  (Jan, 2009 - Jan, 2010)

    University of Birmingham

    ALS Provider Course; 2014 HWB NMR Facility Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (background theory, practical work)

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Spectroscopy  (Oct, 2008 - Oct, 2008)

    Institute of Cancer Research & Royal Marsden NHS

    Training Course

  • Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust  (Jan, 2007 - Jan, 2007)

    ALERT 2007

  • Resuscitation Council UK  (Jan, 2006 - Jan, 2006)

    Advanced Life Support (Provider) Course

    Resuscitation Council UK; Immediate Life Support 2006

  • Undergraduate Course  (Jan, 2004 - Jan, 2004)

    Pre-Hospital Trauma

    The West Midlands Central Accident Resuscitation Emergency Team / The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

  • European Resuscitation Council  (Jan, 2003 - Jan, 2003)

    BLS/AED Instructor Course

Honours & Awards

  • Student stipend to attend and present at British Chapter ISMRM, Nottingham  (January 1, 2010)

  • Graduate Travel Fund, Student Development Scholarships, University of Birmingham. To attend ISMRM 2009 conference  (January 1, 2009)

  • Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust PhD Studentship  (January 1, 2007)

  • Sir Arthur Thompson Travel Scholarship. Elective in Cyprus. Study of Diabetes Care in Cyprus and Evaluation of Possible Modalities for Ophthalmic Screening.   (January 1, 2005)

  • British Medical and Dental Students’ Trust. Elective in Cyprus. Study of Diabetes Care in Cyprus and Evaluation of Possible Modalities for Ophthalmic Screening.   (January 1, 2005)

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