Healthy Weekend Tips


Healthy Weekend Tips

Healthy Weekend Tips

The weekend is the perfect time for relaxation, fun, and family time!  However, oftentimes, we tend to put our healthy options on the back burner during the weekends because we feel like having fun is more important.  We need to remember that being truly healthy is a lifestyle choice, and that even during weekends, we can all make healthier choices to ensure consistency within our healthy lifestyles.  Here are Health Fitness Revolution‘s 10 Tips for Healthy Weekend:

Active Eating:  Choose à la carte restaurant over a buffet to avoid over-eating. Restaurants with a pool or dance floor are great weekend destinations. A picnic spot or a resort where you can play different games like badminton, cricket, basketball are also great destinations to spend your weekend in a healthy way.

Start your day off Right:  Start your meal with a plate full of salad, not only is it full of nutrients, but it will also curb hunger and keep you from over-eating. Use low calorie dressing for your salad like lemon and vinegar with olive oil. These alternatives are better than using mayonnaise or any other ranch style dressings.

Order Wisely when Eating Out:  For starters, order dishes which are grilled, baked and steamed instead of those that are fried. For a main course, choose lean meats, chicken and fish such as salmon and trout instead of lamb or beef. Order at least two side dishes of vegetables. Dishes with tomato, pesto or spinach sauce are great choice over those with white or cheese sauce. For more healthy options while eating out, read our articlehere.

Order Healthy Desert:  Order a plate of fruit instead of ice cream.  Instead of ordering individual portions of desserts, order one and share with the group.

Small Portions are Key:  Moderation is the key to keep those extra calories off. Instead of opting for bigger portions, take small portions at one time.

Sit Far from the Buffet:  If your eating at a buffet, serve yourself, step aside from the buffet, and enjoy your meal. Standing too close to the buffet spread can lead  to overeating.

Take Time for Yourself:  Take time out of the weekend for yourself, so you can chill out, gather your thoughts, and relax.

Move, be Active:  A swim before the meal or dancing with your loved one or friends over the Sunday brunch is not only fun but also helps in burning lots of calories. A game of frisbee, football or volleyball at a beach or a resort is perfect to unwind after the tiring week and also helps you connect with your loved ones.

Try New Social Gatherings: Weekends should not be about food but rather they should be about spending fun time with your loved ones. A movie/ TV-series marathon with friends along with healthy food options: some baked tortillas or popcorns or fruits & salads, a visit to a comedy theatre or play, a game of basketball or football, a trip to the beach or an early morning trek are just as amazing options to spend you weekend in a healthy way.  A house party with home cooked food or a cook-off at your place with friends (especially with themes like raw food party, healthy eating, low fat cooking) are also great away of making those Sundays exciting.

Start Fresh on Monday:  After the amazing weekend, it is very important to get back to regular eating patterns and diet from Monday. To make up for the extra calories consumed during your weekend, consume a high protein, low carbohydrate diet dinner (steamed or baked) chicken, low fat cottage cheese, egg white preparations, split green-gram (moong-adal) pancakes) for  two days after that amazing weekend [source]
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