CogniLearn: Expanding ReMember-Me in Greece


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The ReMember-Me project, completed in the first quarter of 2024, was co-funded by the European Union under contract no. AAL-2019-6-188-CP. It was a research and development effort to combat dementia, involving eight partners from six European countries and led by Materia Group in Cyprus. The project developed a holistic system connecting doctors, family members, and patients for the early detection and holistic management of cognitive health and other domains such as sleep, mood, activity, and socialisation, all based on a simple tablet device.

The project introduced the first self-administered, auto-scored, and completely remote cognitive assessment scale called ReMCAS, available on a tablet device for research purposes. Based on the results of a holistic assessment, the tablet uses an intuitive personalised algorithm powered by AI applications to deliver targeted exercises and fun activities to seniors, addressing their specific vulnerabilities. These activities include cognitive exercises, mindfulness, dance classes, and even remote communication with students to share past experiences and reminiscence. The ReMember-Me “one device” tablet is accompanied by a social robot solution and sensors (wearable or non-wearable) to allow further data collection and expand interface interactions, as needed by people or professionals.

The ReMember-Me project garnered significant interest from academia and the healthcare community in Cyprus and had several publications, such as in the Alzheimer’s Association International Conferences from 2021 to today. We are now proud to announce that through the DHU-funded initiative, Cognilearn, the project was transferred to OIKANOS, an organisation in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. OIKANOS is a Social Cooperative Enterprise based in Heraklion, Crete, which operates in the field of social care and home nursing. It provides free psychosocial care and home nursing services to vulnerable groups in their familiar natural and family environment, based on an advanced model of safe and effective person-centred care.

The transfer began in January 2024 and is ending in June 2024. The Digital Health Uptake initiative is an EU-funded project under the Digital Europe Programme. Our aim is to facilitate the alignment of policies, strategies, instruments, and activities to advance the uptake of digital health solutions and services in Europe. We are very thankful that the project allowed for the expansion of our efforts to more countries, especially Greece, which shares language and culture with Cyprus. This has opened the way for more people to be assisted through OIKANOS’s homecare services in Crete.

Thanks you DHU Twinning team!

Thank you, OIKANOS for your investment in innovations and quality care!

Wishing you all the best in your journey with ReMember-Me & Cognilearn!